1994 Johnson/Evinrude Electric outboards Service Manual, Page 10Get this manual

1994 Johnson/Evinrude Electric outboards Service Manual, Page 10

Service Policy When servicing an outboard which is within its normal warranty period, make repairs using only genuine OMC
service demanded by today's consumerThe OMC Training Centers, frequent mailings of Service Bulletins and Advisories, OMC
Special Tools, and this Service Manual represent some of OMC's efforts to assist dealers in giving consumers the best service
possibleThe Service Manual covers all phases of servicing outboardsHowever, new situations sometimes arise in servicing an
engineIf service question does not appear to be answered in this manual, you are invited to write to the Service Department
for additional helpAlways be sure to give complete information, including engine model number and serial numberBe sure that
you are familiar with OMC warranty policiesSpecial Service Tools OMC has specially designed tools to simplify some of the
disassembly and assembly operationsThese tools are illustrated in this Service Manual, in many cases in actual useRefer to
the OMC Special Tool Guide for descriptions and ordering instructions for these toolsIndividual purchasers of Service Manuals