1994 Johnson/Evinrude Electric outboards Service Manual, Page 19Get this manual

1994 Johnson/Evinrude Electric outboards Service Manual, Page 19

2Hydrometer Test This test can only be performed when there is sufficient electrolyte above the battery plates to fill the
specific gravity indicates battery is good and fully charged All cell readings uniform and below 1.225 specific gravity,
recharge fully and retest Variation of more than 30 points (0.030) specific gravity between any two cells, indicates battery
condition is questionableRecharge and retestReplace battery if variation remains after recharging[] 3Capacity Test Satisfactory
capacity tests can be made only when the battery electrolyte equals or exceeds 1.225 specific gravity at BOF (2JOC)See Battery
Charging below Use extreme caution during any load testingImproper procedures could overheat battery and cause electrolyte
gassingYou might create an explosive atmosphereaVariable Load High Rate Discharge Tester (Recommended) Connect tester to
battery terminal postsDischarge at rate of one half the Cold Cranking Amps rating (CCA) (or three times the battery amp hour