1994 Johnson/Evinrude Electric outboards Service Manual, Page 20Get this manual

1994 Johnson/Evinrude Electric outboards Service Manual, Page 20

bFixed Resistance Tester This equipment has built-in load for high-rate discharge testingFollow equipment manufacturer's
when the electrolyte temperature reaches 125F (52C), or when gassing becomes excessiveFailure to reduce the charge rate may
harm the batterySlow Charging If the battery is to be slow charged, charge the battery at amperes until fully chargedFull
charge ofthe battery is indicated when all cell specific gravities do not increase when checked at three intervals of one
hour and all cells are gassing freelyCharge periods of 24 hours or more might be requiredBattery Care Keep the battery charged
at all timesCheck the state of charge by making specific gravity readings with battery hydrometerIt is suggested that specific
gravity readings be taken and the water level checked every two weeksIf the battery has been standing for 30 days, recharge
the battery before using it to ensure reliable serviceCharge battery to the specific gravity recommended by the battery manufacturerCheck