1994 Johnson/Evinrude Outboards 40 thru 55 Service Manual, Page 267Get this manual

1994 Johnson/Evinrude Outboards 40 thru 55 Service Manual, Page 267

16If necessary, tie knot in one end ofthe starter ropeWith the starter housing upside down on bench, wind the pulley counterclockwise
lever !Ml, lockout lever spring , and thick washer to the starter housing Place the thin washer under head of the screwInstallation
r:;;;l 1Position the starter assembly onto the motorPlace the lifting ring on the rear screw mounting bossInstall the five
starter housing retaining screwsBe sure to place washers between the starter housing rubber mounts and the motorTighten the
three starter housing screws to torque of 120-144 inIbs(14-16 Nm) 1261 2Tighten the two starter handle bracket screws to
torque of 60-84 inIbs(7-9 Nm)3Apply OMC Triple-Guard grease or Lubriplate lllto the starter lockout slide area of the starter
housingPlace the starter lockout slide in the channel of the starter housing Loosely secure the starter lockout cable to
the starter housing with cable clamp and screwr:;:;J 4Shift the motor to NEUTRAL positionAdjust starter lockout cable so
that starter lockout slide is centered on the lockout lever Tighten the cable clamp screw securely i must not function when