2008 Honda Aquatrax ARX1500T3/T3D factory service manual, Page 49Get this manual

2008 Honda Aquatrax ARX1500T3/T3D factory service manual, Page 49

TECHNICAL FEATURES TURBOCHARGER GENERAL DESCRIPTION The turbocharger uses ceramic ball bearings on the turbine shaftCompared
opens the wastegateThe wastegate actuator consists of diaphragm, return spring, and valveThe wastegate valve is held closed
by the springWhen the wastegate control solenoid valve is closed, pressure applied the diaphragm increases, it overcomes
the spring pressure and opens the wastegate valveBesides the pressure control on the exhaust side mentioned above, the ECM
and wastegate solenoid valve also controls the boost pressure in order to regulate the engine output depending on the intake
air temperatureThe intake air temperature is detected by IAT sensor, whereas the boost pressure is detected by TCP sensorTo
increase boost pressure, the ECn.fl closes the wastegate valveBy allowing the pressure applied to actuator diaphragm to flow
into the intake air circuit, the turbine spins at higher speed and the boost air pressure risesTo decrease boost pressure,