2008 Honda Aquatrax ARX1500T3/T3D factory service manual, Page 104Get this manual

2008 Honda Aquatrax ARX1500T3/T3D factory service manual, Page 104

FLUSHING AND STORAGE STORAGE PREPARATION FOR STORAGE 1Flush the cooling system (page 5-3) 2Remove the bilge drain plugs to
spark plugs (page 4-6)Disconnect all the fuel injector connectorsPour tablespoon (1520 cc) of clean engine oil into each
cylinder through the spark plug holes and cover the spark plug holes with shop towelTo stop the warning beeper, press and
hold any of the SET, MODE, ID SET and ID No buttons for seconds MAINTENANCE PORT CAP - Install the maintenance port cap and
make sure it Insert the safety lanyard lock clip in engine stop switchPush the starter switch several times to crank the
engine and distribute the oilRemove the safety lanyard clip 5Spray water-displacement corrosion-proof lubricant (without
Teflon or molybdenum additives, such as CRC 6-56 or an equivalent) into the throttle body (page 4-5)For battery storage 6Remove
the battery (page 16-6)and charging information, see page 16-3 7Drain the fuel tank, using commercially available Fluid Evacuator