2008 Honda Aquatrax ARX1500T3/T3D factory service manual, Page 391Get this manual

2008 Honda Aquatrax ARX1500T3/T3D factory service manual, Page 391

IGNITION SYSTEM SERVICE INFORMATION GENERAL Some electrical components may be damaged if terminals or connectors are connected
sure the battery is adequately chargedUsing the starter motor with weak battery results in slower engine cranking speed as
well as no spark at the spark plugsDirect ignition coils (ignition coil and spark plug cap are integrated), are adopted in
this watercraftAlso, the ignition coils are equipped with ignitorsThe ignition coil signal voltage from the ECM is converted
to high voltage in the ignition coilThe following components information:spark plug inspection (page 4-6)CKP sensor removalinstallation
(page 11-41combination meter inspection (page 19-4)main relay inspection (page 8-76) SPECIFICATIONS [lugdridium) plug gap
Ignition coil signal peak voltage CKP sensor peak voltage timing ("F" mark) Peak voltage adaptor 07HGJ-0020100 Test probe
07ZAJ-RDJA110 SPECIFICATIONS IMR9D-9H (NGK) 0.800.90 (0.0310.035 in) 0.7 minimum 0.7 minimum BTDC at idle ' IgnitionMate