1992-2003 Polaris 2-Stroke PWC Wiring Diagrams., Page 2Get this manual

1992-2003 Polaris 2-Stroke PWC Wiring Diagrams., Page 2

CDI jumper wire TSB for most domestic models that are hard or will not start when hotService BulletinPWC-00-05 August 8,
warm, the engine will crank, but not startAgain, in this scenario, the CDI remains powered up after the engine is shut off,
causing the CDI to think the engine is still running even though it is notAfter the engine and CDI cool, it will re-start
normallyInstall jumper wire PN 2460928 to resolve this issue, following the instructions belowParts Required Part NoDescription
2460928 Harness, Jumper, PWC (Orange to RedPurple jumper) Repair Procedure Step 1Disconnect the NEGATIVE (-) battery cable
from the battery2Open electrical box3Disconnect REDPURPLE wire from CDI box4Clean the FEMALE end of the REDPURPLE wire, disconnected
in the previous step and apply electrical tape to seal the open endTuck the FEMALE end of the REDPURPLE wire under the CDI
boxStep 1Install the REDPURPLE end of the jumper wire, PN2460928, on to REDPURPLE MALE connector from the CDI box2Install
the open ORANGE connector end to the open ORANGE spade on the terminal boardStep 1Once the jumper wire is connected, carefully