1997-1998 Polaris SLX-Pro 785 Service Manual Supplement, Page 4Get this manual

1997-1998 Polaris SLX-Pro 785 Service Manual Supplement, Page 4

http:ReadManm GENERAL INFORMATION Model Specifications Polaris reserves the right to change specifications at any time without
Width (inches) Height (inches) Dry Weight (Ibs Rider Capacity Rated Fuel Capacity including reserve Fuel Reserve Oil Reservoir
Capacity (U.S quarts) Hull Material 108.5" (276cm 45 .0" (114cm) 39.5" (100 .33cm) 4801bs(1) 4001bs(1 82kg) 9.8 gal(37.09L)
NA 3.5 (3.31L) Hand Laid Fiberglass With Balsa Wood Core Resin Transfer Molding(RTM) Approx40 miles (64.4km) PVC TPO Full
Throttle Cruising Range (Approx) Side Rail Material Front Bumper Material EngineCooling Engine Model NoEngine Displacement
Engine Type (# Of Cylinders) BoreStroke Compression Ratio (Full Stroke) Horsepower Cooling System Thermostat Open Overheat
Warning Low Oil Warning Induction Type LUbrication Oil Type RPM Limiter Operation Exhaust Valve(s) EC78ZPWE01 779 cc Cylinder
69.705 68 11 .8135 7500 Water Cooled 1400 (60 C) Light (MFD) (On 160 F) Limits RPM to 4200 light (MFD) Case Reed Oil Injected
Polaris TC-W3 7800 RPM CDI controlled Servo MotorCable Actuated 3-44mm Super BN 91 Octane (minimum) 1350 50 rpm 10A 120 Watt