1997-1998 Polaris SLX-Pro 785 Service Manual Supplement, Page 19Get this manual

1997-1998 Polaris SLX-Pro 785 Service Manual Supplement, Page 19

http:ReadManm MAINTENANCETUNE UP Submerged Engine Submerged Engine (Hydrolocked) If the engine becomes water-flooded, follow
starter button for one second at time until no more water exits the spark plug holes WARNING Depressing the starter turns
the engine, driveshaft, and pumpStay clear of all moving parts to avoid severe personal injuryTurn the watercraft uprightInstall
new spark plugsCheck battery vent hose for obstruction; drain water from hose if presentCheck fuel and oil for the oresence
of water and drain if necessaryDo not run watercraft if water is presentVerify that no air is present in oil lineGrease driveshaft
and bearing housingSee Lubrication, page 2.3Turn fuel valve "On"Pull choke and attempt to start engineThe spark plugs may
have to be removed, cleaned, and dried with electrical contact cleaner until the engine startsReinstall drain plugReinstall
seatTest ride unit and verify proper operationCheck the fuelwater separator (if applicable) after test ride and remove accumulated