1997-1998 Polaris SLX-Pro 785 Service Manual Supplement, Page 39Get this manual

1997-1998 Polaris SLX-Pro 785 Service Manual Supplement, Page 39

http:ReadManm ENGINECOOLING Engine Removal 22 Disconnect throttle and choke cables at carburetors23Disconnect cooling water
rope strapped between piston and cylinder headWith crankshaft locked in positionremove coupler by turning counter clockwise
(as viewed from the rear)Do not use impact tools for coupler removalDamage may occur to the coupler or tool Engine Lifting
Eye (2 Required) 29Remove engine mount nuts (4)With the aid of chain hoist, slide engine rearward and upwards and lift out
of hullEngine alignment shim(s) may be in place on one or more of the engine rubber mount studs Note the number and location
for reinstallationThe number of shims installed in production is written next to each mount with permanent marker on later
modelsEngine rubber mounts are stressed during removal of mounting nutsBe sure to inspect the mounts carefully and replace
if damagedNOTE: Engine lifting eyes can be easily fabricated by removing the upper porcelain from spark plug and welding