1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 59Get this manual

1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 59

MAINTENANCElTUNE UP Troubleshooting For Genesis FICHT troubleshooting, see Chapter 8, FICHT Fuel Injection The following
Water in fuel valve, pump, or lines Water present in fu el system Water in carb fuel chambers between diaphragmjet block
and jets Kinked or restricted fuel tank vent or fuel lines Fuel tank inlet check valve damaged, faulty, or improperly installed
Vent lines kinked Air leaks at fuel pickup connections or lines between pump and tank Fuel pickup tube disconnected or loose
in tank Fuel pump impulse line pinched, kinked, restricted with oil or water, or leaking Carburetors dirty; main pilot or
bypass orifices restricted; fuel inlet screen plugged Carburetor synchronization incorrect Water separator full or restricted
Water in fuel tank High or low speed screws adjusted incorrectly; jets too small or restricted Fuel pump diaphragm or check
valve damaged Fuel filter restricted Carburetor jetting incorrect Fuel tank pickup screen plugged Airleaks in engine intake