1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 87Get this manual

1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 87

FUEL SYSTEMCARBURETION FuellWater Separator IMPORTANT: Prior to performing any adjustments to carburetors check the following:
if float appears to be off the bottom NOTE: The maximum travel of the float is to the base of the filter, or approximately
one half the depth of the bowlVisually inspect the bowl for water collected at the bottom of the bowlSee illustrationIf water
is present it will appear as clear liquid at the bottom of the bowlTurn off fuel valveWrap shop towel around the bowl and
remove bowl by turning counterclockwise Take care not to spill fuel while removingWipe up spills immediately with shop cloth
Dispose of fuel properly and follow all gasoline hand ling precautions found on page 3.37Reinstall separator bowl taking
care that the O-ring is undamaged and in the proper placeHand tighten securelyCheck carefu lly for fuel leaks around bowl
Waler Trap Typical Full Level as Filter Restricts Movement (Ievel not marked) Water Level Float WARNING Gasoline is extremely
flammable and explosive under certain conditionsDo not smoke or allow flames or sparks in the work areaBe sure the work area