1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 114Get this manual

1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 114

FUEL SYSTEMCARBURETION Testing Fuel Line Air Leak Testing Fuel lines may develop air leaks causing the PWC to run lean or
this pressure for five minutesIf pressure will not hold, check hose clamps and fuel shut off valveTo verify if the shut off
valve is leaking, bypass the valve, If it maintains pressure, the valve is faulty and should be repaired or replacedThis
test should be done on both main fuel line and reserve line, switching the shut off valve accordinglyTo check for air leaks
from the fuel pump through the carb rack, remove the fuel line from the fuel pump out line, and remove the return line from
the fuel tankAttach one end of the line and install the Mity VacTM on the other endApply to PSI to the lineIt should maintain
that pressure for five minutesIf not, check hose clamps and inspect lines for damageIf after checking lines and clamps no
leaks are found, carbs should be taken apart and inspected Oil Check Valve Testing 1Apply pressure to end of check valve