1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 245Get this manual

1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 245

ELECTRICAL RPM imiter Circuits RPM Limiter Function An RPM limiting system protects the engine by electronically limiting
until both of the following conditions are met: 1The problem that caused the initial limiting must be corrected (cool engi
ne); AND 2The operator must momentarily release the throttle and allow the RPM to fall below 4500 Electrical Box r: , COlD
Unit Multi-Function Display Terminal Board Thermal Switch (on engine) When limiter circuit is activated engine RPM wi ll
be limited to 4500 RPM Limiter System Troubleshooting RPM Limiter System Troubleshooting flowchart is shown belowOpen electrical
boxDisconnect temperature sensor Tan wire from terminal boardDoes system still limit with Tan sensor wire disconnected? No
Yes Inspect all Tan wires in terminal board area for contact with ground (should not be grounded)Is there short? Yes - No
J, Replace CO module and re-test1Test temperature sensor2Inspect Tan wire on sensor for shorts to groundaReplace repair sensor