1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 286Get this manual

1999 Polaris PWC Genesis, Ficht, X-45 Service Manual, Page 286

FICHT FUEL INJECTION Service Code Retrieval! Using Polaris Diagnostic Software To Manually Erase Service Codes To manually
the jumper tool the 5th time)the CodesIf there are Hard Codes, the light will turn back onBear in mind that the engine must
be run before some service codes will be acquired4: Unplug tether cord from stop switchAll service codes will now be erased
NOTE: Code access and erasure cannot be performed with the TPS connected and on the throttle bodies, since the TPS cannot
move through its full range of travelYou may either remove the TPS from the throttle bodies, but it is recommended to use
separate TPS, or use jumper tool PN 2872603 To Leave Diagnostic Mode Remove tether cord from stop switchUnplug service code
light tool from MFI harness and plug into MFJConnect TPS Remove EMM Service Power Connector from PCM harness and plug back
into EMM USING POLARIS DIAGNOSTIC SOFTWARE EMM service information can be accessed by laptop computer using Polaris Diagnostic
SoftwareUse the software in conjunction with this manual to solve FFI ThI service problemsThe software retrieves, prioritizes,