2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 332Get this manual

2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 332

MAINTENANCETUNE UP Ignition Timing Specifications Model 1997 SLX 785 PRO Model 1998 SLX 785 PRO Ignition Timing Degrees BTDC
0.318" 8.51mm 0.335" 8.94mm 0.352" 9.37mm 0.370" 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Spark Plugs Disconnect high tension leads and remove
spark plugsInspect electrodes for wear, carbon buildup, or fouling (wet oily residue)Replace plugs if edges of electrodes
are rounded or eroded Severe engine damage may occur if the incorrect spark plug is usedClean with electrical contact cleaner
or glass bead spark plug cleaner onlyA wire brush or coated abrasive should not be usedMeasure gap with wire gaugeRecommended
spark plug gap is .024.028" (.6.7 mm) Adjust if necessary by bending the side electrode carefullyCoat spark plug threads
with small amount of anti-seize compoundInstall spark plug and torque to specificationsMake sure spark plug caps are screwed
completely onto end of plug wireApply small amount of dielectric grease to inside of plug caps and install59B Spark Plug