2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 338Get this manual

2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 338

MAINTENANCETUNE UP External Engine Corrosion Prevention After flushing the engine for off-season storage or after salt water
watercraft with fresh water and mild detergentRinse thoroughlyInspect and thoroughly clean jet pump intake, outlet, and impeller
areaInspect entire deck and hull area for damageInspect rub rails to be sure they are fastened securely, T9 Metal Protectant
For Use On External Metal Surfaces PN 4 Silicone Spray Non-Flammable For Use Inside the Engine Compartment (Available Commercially)
Never clean the watercraft with strong detergents, abrasives, de-greasers, paint thinner, acetone, window cleaners, ammonia
or products containing alcoholThey can damage finishes, decals, vinyl, and plastics, and can accelerate UV breakdown which
could cause color change and premature deterioration of partsAfter cleaning, protect and shine watercraft using regular furniture
polish or non-abrasive silicone waxProtect seat and handlebar unit with vinyl protectorCover watercraft with Polaris cover