2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 389Get this manual

2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 389

ELECTRICAL Temperature Warning Coolant Temperature Warning Circuit Operation The MFD light is controlled by temperaturewarning
openUsing digital VOM set in the Ohms positionand with the wires disconnected, contact one test probe to the switch terminal
and the other test probe to engine ground The meter should show an open circuitHeat the switch in water bath to the "on"
temperature listed belowMeasure resistance of the switch Reading should be less than .4 ohms When testing the switchheat
only in water bathNever subject the sensor to an open flame or sensor damage will resultDo not immerse the wires in the water
bath Warning Systems Operating Characteristics Following is quick reference chart showing how each model warns the operator
andor protects the engine when the engine overheats, or when low fuel or oil condition existsYear Model Temp Sensor "ON"
FO Co Light (MFD) RPM Limit 1997 1998 1997 SLX Pro785 1998 SLX Pro 785 180 F82 180 F82 C OilHeat, Fuel Oil, HeatFuel Heat