2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 390Get this manual

2000 Polaris Pro 785 Service Manual, Page 390

ELECTRICAL RPM Limiter Circuits RPM Limiter Function An RPM limiting system (see models listed above) protects the engine
RPMs (4500 on 1998)A circuit within the COl senses the ground path connection and activates the limiting functionSee diagram
belowLow Fuel No low fuel limiters are present on this model Important Note: When the engine overheat circuit has caused
the system to limit, it will continue to limit until both of the following conditions are met: 12The problem that caused
the initial limiting must be corrected (cool engine); The operator must momentarily release the throttle and allow the RPM
to fall below 4200 (4500)1I COl Unit Multi-Function Display Electrical Box Terminal Board When limiter circuit is activated