2001 Polaris SLH, Virage PWC Factory Service Manual, Page 95Get this manual

2001 Polaris SLH, Virage PWC Factory Service Manual, Page 95

EngineCooling Engine Inspection 700cc EngineContinued Crankshaft Indexing Polaris Watercraft crankshafts are pressed together
degree wheel for more accuracy, and make sure it is mounted concentrically with the crankshaft center lineCut slot in paper
or cardboard degree wheel and slide it over the driveshaft if engine and pump shaft is installed in craftAgain, be sure to
secure the degree wheel 2Sharpen coat hanger or section of welding rod and anchor it to convenient spotPoint the sharpened
end at the outer perimeter of the flywheel or drive coupler mounted degree wheel345Install dial indicator into the magneto
end cylinder spark plug hole (front) (#1) (The ignition timing is referenced by the magneto end Rotate the engine to bring
the piston to top dead center (TDG) on the cylinder with the indicator installedLocate TDC as accurately as possible by finding
the center of the point where there is no piston movement"Zero" the dial indicator at this pointContinue to rotate the crankshaft