2001 Polaris SLH, Virage PWC Factory Service Manual, Page 228Get this manual

2001 Polaris SLH, Virage PWC Factory Service Manual, Page 228

Electrical Systems Multi-Function Instrument (MFI)Continued VOLTMETE R: The left side of the multi-purpose display contains
in appearance, it is actually controlled by the system microprocessor, and is extremely accurateDIRECTI ONThe lower portion
of the analog display contains forwardreverse direction indicatorThe pointer on the gauge moves in synchronization with the
reverse gate as it is lowered over the jet nozzle when actuated by the electric thumb switch The indicator is useful in establishing
"neutral" position between forward and reverseThe LED will flash when the reverse gate is not fully forward Pressing any
key will disable the LED for fi ve minutes SECURITY LOCK: Briefly pressing and releasing the LOCK button will cause the lock
status to be displayedeither "LOCKED" or "UNLOCKED"Pressing and holding th LOCK button for several seconds initiates the
SECURITY LOCK functionThe MFI will display "ENTER CODE"Enter the code using the 5-button keypad The factory set default code
is "1234"An asterisk () will appear with each press of numeric buttonIf the proper code has been enteredthe display will