2002 Polaris Freedom, Virage, Genesis PWC Service Manual, Page 132Get this manual

2002 Polaris Freedom, Virage, Genesis PWC Service Manual, Page 132

EngineCooling Crankshaft IndexingDIt Engines NOTE: Domestic Twin Timing Marks: 180 Domestic Triple Timing Marks: 120 Rotate
be sure to secure the degree wheel2Sharpen coat hanger or section of welding rod and anchor it to convenient spotPoint the
sharpened end at the outer perimeter of the flywheel or drive coupler mounted degree wheel3Install bumper tool PN 2872604
into the magneto end cylinder spark plug hole (front) (#1)(The ignition timing is referenced by the magneto end 4Rotate the
engine to bring the piston to the top of the cylinder, making contact with the bumper toolScribe mark on the degree wheel(See
Ill1) 5Rotate the engine in the opposite direction until similar contact is made with the bumper toolScribe another mark
on the flywheel(See Ill2) 6Once both scribes are in place, remove bumper tool and record the measurement between both scribes
and divide it in halfMake scribe in the middleThis is Top Dead Center7Bend the pointer or move the degree wheel until the
pointer aligns with either the 180 or 120 mark on the degree wheel8Verify the mark be performing steps and again Rotate until