2002 Polaris Freedom, Virage, Genesis PWC Service Manual, Page 261Get this manual

2002 Polaris Freedom, Virage, Genesis PWC Service Manual, Page 261

Electrical Systems MFI Troubleshooting If the MFI is not working check the following items: Battery connections for corrosion;
minute to reset the microprocessorWhen reconnecting the battery negative cable, take care to make it as "clean" connection
as possibleOnly contact the battery terminal once while connecting the cableDo not contact the terminal repeatedlyHold pressure
on the cable until the terminal bolt is tightCAUTION: To avoid the possibility of explosion, always disconnect the negative
cable first and connect it last One part of display malfunctionsDetermine which function (or functions) are not workingIf
only one or two parts of the display are affected, chances are the input for that function is the problemTest individual
senders and inputs including related wiringRefer to the electrical wiring diagramCheck for clean, tight connections at the
back of the gauge and inside the electrical boxIf water is present in the electrical box, be sure the wire sealing grommets
and box sealing O-ring are properly positionedRoute wires carefully when assembling the box to prevent pinched wiresOn new