2002 Polaris Freedom, Virage, Genesis PWC Service Manual, Page 338Get this manual

2002 Polaris Freedom, Virage, Genesis PWC Service Manual, Page 338

Fuel Injection System Communication ProblemsStarting Diagnostic Program From DOS NOTE: The following procedures should only
enterThe diagnostic program should now startupNOTE: If you originally downloaded the diagnostic software onto drive other
than the driveYou will need to type the letter of the drive followed by the semicolon and press enterOnce you have entered
the correct drive, you can type: podiag and press enter Communication ProblemsLaptop Configurations Please remember that
many communication problems may be result of many nonPolaris DIt factorsFactors such as operating system, laptop manufacture,
laptop configurations, laptop software and hardware, etcmay cause problems with establishing communication between the laptop
and the EMMPolaris recommends that if you attempt all of the communication procedures outlined in this service manual without
success, you then contact the manufacture of your laptop for further assistanceOften times, the manufacture of the laptop
will have software patches or hardware updates that will allow your laptop to establish communication Communication ProblemsDiagnostic