2003 Polaris MSX 140 Personal Watercraft Service Manual, Page 34Get this manual

2003 Polaris MSX 140 Personal Watercraft Service Manual, Page 34

Maintenance Cooling System Cooling System Flushing and Salt Water Maintenance Flushing the cooling system with fresh water
engine is runningSevere personal injury or death could result Flushing Procedure DIt Flush Kit: PN 2873623 CONNECT FLUSH
KIT HERE 1Attach garden attachmenthose to Female CouplerHose 2Snap the male and female coupler togetherDo not turn on water
yet3Start engine and immediately (within 10 seconds) open water tap4Rev the engine intermittently for one minute to completely
flush cooling system5Turn off water tap6When all water has exited the cooling system, turn off the watercraft engineNOTE:
This step should not take longer than 10 seconds7Press button on female couplerhose attachment to separate from male coupler8Wipe
off any water which may have spilled on engine9Perform corrosion prevention steps and fog engine WATER OUTLET MANIFOLD External
Engine Corrosion Prevention After flushing the engine for off-season storage or after salt water use, rinse external engine