2003 Polaris MSX 140 Personal Watercraft Service Manual, Page 125Get this manual

2003 Polaris MSX 140 Personal Watercraft Service Manual, Page 125

Fuel Injection System FICHT Troubleshooting"ENGINE DIESLOSES POWERNO TOP END" - Inspect engine compartment for exhaust leaks
alternator voltage to FFI circuits must be 44 to 45 vDCMonitor sensor readings while cycling through powerbandThe cylinder
that LEAST impacts RPM, is the cylinder that is having problemsIf engine stalls, inspect CPS sensor for proper resistanceRoute
CPS harness away from other harnessesInspect flywheelkey for sheared key or loose magnets, etc Verify stator output throughout
powerbandTest suspect EMM regulatorrectifier Use PODIAG to examine EMM functions and download any service codesPerform cylinder
drop test using PODIAG Perform timing verification test using PODIAGStatic test fuel pump using PODIAG Test will "lock" ignition
timing at predetermined numberFuel pressure while running tests should be between 20 and 30 psiLook for carbon depositsClean
posts and apply Nyogel to posts Check ignition coils Verify fuel qualitywater in fuelUse engine monitoring function to evaluate