2003 Polaris MSX 140 Personal Watercraft Service Manual, Page 165Get this manual

2003 Polaris MSX 140 Personal Watercraft Service Manual, Page 165

Electrical Systems Enhanced Steering Performance (E.S.POwner's Manual Supplement Engine thrust is required to steer and turn
the throttle flipper to the EMM via what are called throttle countsLocated between the TPS and EMM is the E.S.PcontrollerThe
E.S.Pcontroller will interrupt the throttle count signal from the TPS and provide different signal to the EMM when ALL of
the following criteria are met: Boat speed is at or above 15 MPH (24 KmH)S Throttle flipper is completely released(Throttle
plates closed Handlebar is turned to the full left or full right positionPrimary components in the system are: Component
Steering Arm Cam Steering Switch E.S.PController MSX Gauge Throttle Position Sensor (TPS) EMM (Engine Management Module)
Throttle Plates Paddle Wheel Function Activates and closes steering switch contacts when handlebars are turned to the full
left of full right positionsOpens and closes the digital signal produced by the MSX gaugeWhen switch is closed, signal is
allowed to pass to the E.S.PcontrollerElectronic processor that determines if modified TPS signal is needed for ESPProvides