2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 23Get this manual

2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 23

MAINTENANCE Steering Post Removal 1Remove handlebar cover fastenersThe grab handle fasteners are located under the coverIf
strike plate hits washer, remove post and install shim between bushing and strike plateRepeat step 3If plate continues to
hit washer, install second and final shim5Apply lithiumbased grease to the inside bore of the lower tapered bushing and install
into steering housing6The number of shims installed on the lower section of the post is determined by the number installed
on topThe total number of shims used to install the entire steering post assembly equals two(If two shims are installed on
top, then zero shims are installed on the bottom, etc 7Align slot on steering arm clamp with cutout in postPush clamp up
against shims while pushing down on the handlebarsTorque bolt to ft.lbs(11 Nm)8Verify handlebars move without resistance
from left to right and that handlebars cannot be turned past the steering stop bolt9If steering cable rodend was removed,
reinstall on top of clamp using new nutTorque nut to ft.lbs(11 Nm) 10Reconnect wiring harness and throttle cableVerify throttle