2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 32Get this manual

2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 32

MAINTENANCE Battery Safety When removing and installing the battery, or when performing battery maintenance always heed the
spark could ignite them which could cause personal injuryWhen re-installing battery connect black (negative) cable lastWhenever
installing batteries, care should be taken to avoid the possibility of explosion resulting in serious burnsAlways connect
the positive (red) cable first and the negative (black) cable lastWhen working with batteries, always wear safety glasses
or face shield and protective glovesBattery electrolyte contains sulfuric acid and is poisonous! Serious burns can result
from contact with the skin, eyes or clothingANTIDOTE: ExternalFlush with waterInternalDrink large quantities of water or
milkFollow with milk of magnesia, beaten egg, or vegetable oilCall physician immediatelyEyesFlush with water for 15 minutes
and get prompt medical attention Battery Removal 1Remove velcro straps holding electrical box and battery in position2Remove
cover from top of battery3Remove battery vent tube from battery4Disconnect black (negative) battery cable first5Disconnect