2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 43Get this manual

2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 43

MAINTENANCE OffSeason Storage The offseason storage period is determined to be the time when 1The watercraft will not be
the tank 2Flush the freshwater cooling circuit 3Check the condition of the engine coolant 4Top off the fuel tank with fresh
fuel 5Add Polaris Premium Fuel Stabilizer, PN 2870652, to the fuel tankFollow the mixing instruction outlined on the bottle's
label Fuel begins to break down and form varnish after 30 daysAdding stabilizer will prevent fuel from breaking downCleaning
the engine compartment bilge will prevent the growth of bacteria and moldTilting the bow upwards will drain the water in
the exhaust system as well as allowing any water in the footwells to drainFresh air must be allowed to circulate inside of
the engine compartment during storage periods 6Flush the engine compartment bilge with clean water 7Store the watercraft
with the bow angled upwards at an angle of at least 10 degrees 8Always leave the seat loosely installed 9Verify the battery
is fully chargedStore the battery in cool, dry placeAttach battery tender to the battery, or charge the battery once of month