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2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 160

FUEL INJECTIONIGNITIONEXHAUST SYSTEMS RPM Limiting Modes The engine management software will limit engine RPM in several
running modeThe ECU limits engine RPM by limiting the amount of torque generated by the engineStated RPM limit is an approximation
and changes with current engine operating conditionsThe throttle plate opening (aperture), ignition timing, and fuel supply
are controlled by the ECU to limit engine RPM in all modes except in the LIMPHOME MODEIgnition timing is gradually retarded
as the engine RPM reaches the established RPM limiter specificationIf RPM exceeds 7600 RPM, ignition timing is retarded and
fuel supply to one or both cylinders is reducedThe limphome mode occurs whenever problem is detected as safety issue in the
Electronic Throttle CircuitThe ECU will cut power to the ETB in the event of PPU, TPS, or wiring failureWhen in the limphome
mode, the throttle plate returns to it default, nonpower positionThis position represents open or approximately 1750 RPM
Cold- Start Protection The ECU will limit engine RPM to idle speed during cold startupFull power will return when the engine