2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 188Get this manual

2004 Poalaris MSX110, MSX150 PWC Original Service Manual, Page 188

PROPULSION REASSEMBLY PROCEDURE 1Apply Loctitet 262 to engine mount bolt threadsTorque engine mount nuts to 50 ft.lbs(68
coupler from the rear of the boatKeep the beveled end of the thrust washer flush with the beveled end of the driveshaft as
the shaft is being screwed into the coupler9Perform the DRIVESHAFT SHIM PROCEDURE outlined on page 6.1010Once driveshaft
is screwed into coupler, push the bearing carrier back against the pump wallDo not install the mounting screws at this time11If
the impeller was removed from the pump stator, the assembly will have to be rebuilt with new seals, and orings12Reassemble
the pump sections to the pump housingApply light film of grease to the pump section mating surfaces13Install the four pump
mounting boltsTighten to ft.lbs(2.7 Nm) in crisscross patternTorque bolts to 14 ft.lbs(19 Nm), following the same crisscross
pattern14Mount the bearing carrier to the pump wallTorque the bearing carrier screws to 14 ft.lbs(19 Nm) using crisscross
pattern15Reinstall the coupler guardApply Loctitet 242 to screws and torque to 35 in.lbs(3.9 Nm) 16Reinstall the two siphon