Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 22Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 22

Section 03 ENGINE Sub-Section 01 (WATER-FLOODED ENG IN, WATER-FLOODED ENGINE If engine is water-flooded, it must be serviced
lock may have pushed them out Consider that center seals may have slipped out tooCheck crankshaft alignment as specified
in "BOTTOM END" WARNIINGVentilate bilge at least minutes prior checking sparkinjection After engine has started, spray SEA-DO0
lube through carburetor intake while engine is runningRun engine until lit reaches its operational temperature Make sure
to supply water to cool engine CAUTION :Water must be supplied cool engine with flush kit (PIN 295 000 038)o not ruin engine
for more than five minutes since drive line seal has no cooling out of water With spark plugs in place, crank engine to drain
crankcaseReinstall crankcase drain plugsdrain plugs should have CAUTIONCrankcase Loctite PST 567PN293 800 013) applied threads
before installingRemove spark plugs and dry them with clean and dry clothA contact cleaner spray can be used, it may be preferable