Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 107Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 107

Section 07 EiLECTRIiCAL Sub-Section (CDICHARGING SYSTEMS) 0 BATTERY CHARGING SYSTEM GENERAL Magneto It is the primary source
condition prior to performing the following test Current Test Proceed as follows - Start engine NOTEStart engine before connecting
cables Otherwise ammeter may be damaged as current flow is much higher at starting Disconnect positive cable from battery
and connect an ammeter between cable and battery post Bung engine to approxirnately5500 RPM Depending on battery charge,
current reading should be approximately (Amperes) If not, check magneto output prior to concludnnq that rectifier is faultyeTest
Proceed as follows : - Start engine FEW 007 036 3 Perform test- Push reset button and repeat test three times RESULTS a)
Indicator lamp lights Battery charging coil output is Connect voltmeter, set on DC volt scale, on battery posts Bring engine
to approximately 5500 RPM NOTEWhatever the voltmeter type used (peak voltage or RMS), the voltage must not exceed 15 VA faulty