Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 115Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 115

Section 08 PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS Sub-section 01 (PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS) - Weld one spacer Bailer tubes 13 412 in) thick
of nyilon bushings can be slightly enlarged with 13 rnm (112 in) round file (rat tail type) screws and withdraw nozzleRemove
two retaining Push sleeves and bushings out of nozzle 17,20,35, Venturi, Screw0-Ring Remove four retaining screws and withdraw
ventun 6,7, NutImpelller Housing Impeller housing can be easily separated from the hull with following suggested tool- Use
two steel angle bars 25 25 mm (1 118 in) thick 400 rnm (16 in) longDrill two 10 mm in) dia holes in each bar as shown in
the following drawing 8oo1 021 009 Nuts removed Using screws previously removed from venturl, insert them in angle bar holes,