Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 118Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 118

Section 08 PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS Sub-Section 01 (PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS1- 2,15, Fitting Fittings can be removed with
ring, be careful not to damage impeller housing Blade aligned with slot Insert special tool in impeller splinesRotate counter-clockwise
and completely unscrew impellerTo slacken After cutting ring, insert screwdriver blade under slit and raise ends of ringSlide
ring out CAUTIONNever use any impact wrench to slacken impeller To remove impeller, apply rotation movemenit and pull at
same time Slide out of housin10a rernnue tool Lift impeller housing away from impelller shaftSlide thrust washer and thrust
beanng off shaft Page: 118 See Doo 1989 Shop Manual NOTEIf bearings and seal need to be renewed, the special ousher described