Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 126Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1989 factory shop manual, Page 126

Saction 08 PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS Sub-section 01 (PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS) Filler plug toward CAUTIONMake sure thrust washer
8001 0071 then install new 0-Ring on housing cover then carefully insert in impeller housing cover making sure to properly
position plugs to top side Applly Loctite 242 (blue1 (PN 293 800 002) on screw threads and evenly tighten cover screwsTorque
to Nem (71 Ibfein)Place housing horizontally as in its operating position so that plugs in cover are located in topRemove
both plugs from cover Pour approxirnatelly 80 ml (2.7 on) of SEA-DO0 JET PUMP SYNTHETIC OIL (PIN 293 600 011) only in reservoir
until oil comes level with bottom of lower holeCAUTION :This is synthetic oilDo not mix with mineral based oil NOTE :When
filling, oil must be poured into cover quite slowly to allow complete housing fillPour oil slowly until it flows out of bottom