Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 33Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 33

Section 03 ENGINE Sub-section 03 (TOP END) - Rotate spindle counterclockwise until extracting nut INSPECTION Visually inspect
rod bore and will be used again Ring 'Piston Groove REMOVAL OF NEEDLE BEARING To remove needles with the thrust washers from
the connecting rod bore, push them together with the expansion sleeve into the locating sleeve using any suitable pusher
21 mrn (I in) dia Clearance Ring End Gap 0 40 mm 1.016 in) CAUTIONRecover rollers, make sure that 31 rollers are found folr
each piston NOTEReplacement cylinder sleeves are available if necessaryRefer to specialized shop for installa- NOTE25 and
mrn oversize piston and rings are available if necessary CLEANING Discard all gaskets and O-rings Clean all metal components
in solventClean water passages and make sure they are not cloggedRemove carbon deposits from cylinder exhaust port, cylinder
head and piston dome Clean piston ring grooves with groove cleaner tool, or with piece of broken ring See Doo 1990 Shop Manual