Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 115Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 115

Section 07 ELECTRICAL Sub-Section 05 (CDICHARGING SYSTEMS)- Indicator Lamp Lights at Lower Setting This indicates that the
failures return to normal when engine IS not runningMuitiple Problems There is always the possibility of more than one faulty
pa If after component has been replaced1, problem the still persists, carefully repeat the complete test procedure to find
the other faulty part Safety Precautions WARNING :To prevent powerful electric shocks while cranking engine, neither touch
any electronic ignition components (ignition coill, high tension wire, wire harness, etc nor tester lead clipsAlso make sure
that tester leads do not touch any metallic object 3Perform testPush reset button and repeat test thlree timesResults a)
Indicator lamp lights High speed generating coil is OK Proceed with low speed generating coil test WARNINGVentilate bilge
at least two minutes prior to performing any test Magneto, High Speed Generating Coil Output 1 Disconnect three-wire connector