Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 132Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 132

Section 08 PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS Sub-section 01 (PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS) COMPONENTS 2 10 Fitting (bailer9 12) Sea (doubts
Drive shaft Nut 14) Flat washer M8 t8i Flywheel guard Loctte 74 super bonder Drive shaft assembly Protective hose Gear clamp
f2i Loctile PST 592 'plastic fitting Shim 0-mg 79 20 21 22 25 26 27 28 29 30 37 32 33 NOTESomereference numbers are deliberately
missing WAIRNINGIt is stronglyrecrnmended reto move fuse from fuse holder, in electric box, prevent enginepropulsion system
from unexpected rotation JET PUMP SERVICING NOTEThis portion outlines some routine procedures obtain complete information
concerning these procedures, inspection, parts, illustrations, sealingthread lockinq products, tightening torques etc, refer
to "REMOVAL AND OVERHAUL' andfolllowing portion To work on watercraft, it is suggested to install it on suitable stand so
that it is secure Thusif access is needed to water inlet area, it will be easy to slide underneath watercraft Working on
the ride shoe, etc, can be done by simply blockmg the rear of vehicle above work stand Work stand F001 009 077 Impeller ConditionImpellerWear