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Bombardier SeaDoo 1990 factory shop manual, Page 137

Section 08 PROPULSIONDRIVE SYSTEMS Slub-Section 01& DRIVE ) - DISASSEMBLY CAUTIIONDo not pull drive shaft release it from
that tool is installed verticallyUsing wrench, turn tool body so that it extends to unstickand release ride shoe from hullWithdraw
drive shaft NOTEjammed drive shaft can be removed by holding pump unit by drive shaft, slightly raised above smooth surface,
then strking around of imall peller housing with fiber hammer Corroded parts can be loosened by applying penetrating oil
such as SEA-DO0 LUBE 293 600 0061 48,60, Seal Carrier Ass'yProtective Hose Had raised with drive shaft while striking NOTEDrive
shaft1 pump housing or engine must be removed to allow removal of seal carrier ass'y Since it is sealed to prevent water