Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 69Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 69

Section 03 ENGINE Sub-section 04 (PTO FLYWHEEL AND MAGNETO) 7, Ring Gear Apply 648290 899 788) to MAG flywheel1 mating surface
to ELECTRICAL 07-02 under igni- tion timing 21,22,Ignition Housing Cover and Screw Properly install O-ring in ignition housing
Install cover and spark plug grounding device then torque screws in criss-cross seouence to Nem (44 lbfin) Teeth chamfer
NOTEEnsure that ring gear contacts MAG flywheel flangeScribe new mark on ring gear for further ignition tinning CAUTIONMAG
flywheel installation, ring gear teeth chamfer and starter clutch should be facing each other 6,l17, Flywheel and Nut MAG
Apply 242 (blue) 293 800 015) on crankshaft taper Position Woodruff key, MAG flywheel, apply Loctite 242 on nut threads and