Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 116Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 116

Section FUEL SYSTEM Su b-Section 03 (CARBURETORS) Torque alpplied to materials such as rubber, plastic and fiberglass will
reach handlebar grip without causing strain to cable or carburetor cable bracket FOOT 005 029 Must touch Tighten jam nut
and recheck adjustment F001 010 008 handlebar grip WARNINGMake sure idle speed screw contacts stopper when throttle lever
is fully released at handlebar Insure carburetor butterfly is fully open at full throttle positionAt this position throttle
stop lever is almost in contact (0 mm (1164 in)) with carburetor body NOTEIlnsure lock tab on throttle handle is installed
over cable barrel opening with stopper After throttle cable adjustment, allways proceed with oil injection pump adjustmentCAUTIONImproper
oil injection pump synchronization with carburetor can cause serious engine damage Page: 116 See Doo 1992 Shop Manual http:www.ReadManm