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Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 141

Section 07 ELECTRICAL Subsection 03 (BATTERY) BATTERY CHARGING EQUIPMENT The battery charger should have an adjustable charging
OF BATTERY Install battery, connect red positive cable then black negative cableWARNINGBattery black negative cable must
always be disconnected first and connected lastApply silllicone dielectric grease (PNl 293 550 0041 or petroleum jelly on
battery posts and connectors Ensure vent tube is properly installed on battery elbow and that it is nlot kinked or blockedWARNING
:Vent tube must be free and openIf not, it willl restrict ventilation and create gas accumulation that could result in an
explosionGases given off by battery being charged are highly explosiveAllways charge in well ventilated areaKeep battery