Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 147Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 147

Section EILECTRICAL Sub-section 04 (ELECTRIC STARTER) Solenoid Switch Inspect connections and clean as necessarySolenoid
to reassemble starterHowever, attention should be paid to the following operationsPrior to assembling, coat sliding surfaces
on armature shaft splines, overrunning clutch and bushing with 6.EVersilube 341 or ESSO Beacon 325 lubricant or equivalentApply
motor oil on metal bushings 10,12,16, Yoke Ass'y, End Frame and Through Bolt Open brushes and slide over commutatorAlign
end frame locating notch with yoke locating protrusion and properly sit brush holder into yokeLocating protrusion 2,4, Circlip
and Pinion Stop Collar After placing stop collar on armature shaft, fit circlip into armature shaft, then make sure that