Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 187Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 187

Section 08 PROIPULSION AND DRIVE SYSTEMS Sub-section 01 (PROPULSION AND DRIVE SYSTEMS) Radiail Play Radial play is critical
micrometer, measure diameters on bearing contact surfacesMinimum shaft diameter should 22 24 be mrn (.a76 in)A shaft within
tolerance indicates worn bearingsReplace both bearings Measuring shaft diameter at bearing contact surface Dial gauge Measure
close to threadis at shaft end NOTEIf shaft is to be replaced, it is recommended to replace both bearings at same time In
addition, it is suggested to replace thrust bearing and thrust washer To check both bearings, proceed the same way with other
end of shaft Position tip of gauge on diameter, close to flats on shaft Measuring impeller shaft radial play Dial aauae 8,9,Thrust
Washer and Thrust Bearing Visually inspect thrust waisher, thrust bearing and their contact surfaceCheck for scoring, pitting,