Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 192Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1992 factory shop manual, Page 192

Section 08 PROPULSION AND DRIVE SYSTEMS Sub-section 01 (lPROPULSION AND DRIVE SYSTEMS)- Torque impeller to 70 Nm (52 lbfft)
properly position plug on top side Filler plug toward top side of pump housing Apply Loctite 242 (blue) (PN 293 800 0151
on screw threads and evenly tighten cover screwsTorque to Nm (62 Ibfainl CAUTIONRepair any leak, failure correct leak will
lead premature wear of pump componentsIf there is pressure drop spray soapy water around housing cover If there are no bubbles,
impeller shaft, impeller shaft seal, bushing or impeller housing is leaking through porosity and has to be repllacedJet pump
unit has to be overhauledPlace housing horizontally as in its operating position so that fitting in cover is located topRemove
fitting in from coverPour SEA-DO0 JET PUMP SYNTHETIC OIL293 600 011) in reservoir until oil comes level with bottom of holeLet