Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 65Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 65

Section 03 ENGINE Sub-section 04 (PTO FLYWHEEL AND MAGNETO) COMPONENTS 7234567897 07 7727374751617787920272223242526Gasket
assembly (doublegenerating coil XP (5852)only) Lock washer (2) Slotted head screw M5 35 (2) GENERAL The following procedures
can be performed without removing engine from watercraftHowever, battery removal will be requiredFor only PTO flywheel removal
withdraw jet pump unit ass'y, refer to PROPULSION AND DRIVE SYSTEMS 08-01 then refer to removal and overhaulTo ease the removal
of PTO flywheel heat center of flywheel with heat gun to break bondAlways pressurize fuel system firstWARNINGNever use torch
in the engine compartmentElectrolyte or fuel vapors can be present it may igniteScrew Extension handle Puller plate REMOVAL
21,22, Ignition Cover and Screw Remove screws and spark plug grounding device then withdraw coverNOTEPTO side flywheel must
be removed prior to removing MAG side flywheel since puller has to be installed on MAG flywheelFor removal of both flywheels,