Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 104Get this manual

Bombardier SeaDoo 1993 factory shop manual, Page 104

Section 05 FUEL SYSTEM Sub-Section 01 (FUEL CIRCUIT) 1Countersunk Phillips screw M4 Flat washer M4 Fuel valve knob NutM22
O-ring 8} Rivet .690 (8) Flat washer M3 11 Rivet Wx.502(2) Adapter Baffle pick up Loctite242 Washer (8) Pressure relief valve
Water eliminator valve Nut XP t58521 505152 53 545556 58 59 60 61 GENERAL Whenever repairing the fuel system, always verify
for water infiltration in reservoir 29,30,Clamp and Filler Hose Verify fuel filler neck hose for damageAlways ensure that
clamps are well positioned and tightenedTorque clamps to 4.5lbfein)(40 59,Pressure Relief Valve This valve will eliminate
fuel spillage when the watercraft is upside downIf pressure is built up in fuel system the valve should open at 10 kPa (1.5
PSI) to release the pressure WARNINGIf pressure relief valve is stuck, the pressure in fuel system will build up and cause
fuel leakage in engine compartmentNOTEft is one way valve with an arrow to indicate the air flow 60, Water Eliminator Valve